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Companies need different data specialist roles to build products, a data platform and leverage data-driven decisions. But hiring the right talents and forming a team, creating a data strategy and at the same time execute faster is not that easy journey.

Especially it is very challenging for startups and data-driven entrepreneurs.

We as a Team who have 20 years of experience in data world work with you to bridge that gap.

Our Key Services

Data Engineering

Focuses on building highly scalable data lake on cloud or on-premise. Automate the data collection and ingestion pipeline using the latest data processing frameworks. Developing batch and real-time streaming applications.

Data Strategy & Architecture Consulting

Create data and AI strategy aligned with product roadmap by closely with Product owners and CTO.Provide architecture design, best practices, pick the right technology stacks for your needs.

Machine Learning

Solve key business problems, increase revenue and customer experience using Machine learning techniques.Develop models for custom business use cases, convert prototype ideas, execute data science projects. Deploy the models in production systems and complete the feedback loop in the product.

AI solutions for Industry

Develop prototypes and AI-enabled solutions for industrial specific use cases using state-of-art models and Cloud ML API services.

Training & Upskill Workshop

Provide instructor-led training and corporate training workshop on data engineering tools, machine learning, and deep learning.

Data Analytics & Business Intelligence

Analyzing the data and providing actionable insights, building visualization dashboards, run A/B testing experiments, publish KPI and metrics

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No Need to worry about pricing plan. You may have your own custom pricing plan .

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